BSTI shows one surprise after another: Unauthorized establishments reduced in series of operations: Government revenue increased

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BSTI shows one surprise after another: Unauthorized establishments reduced in series of operations: Government revenue increased

Sharifa Akhter Swarna, Special Correspondent:
BSTI is continuously conducting operations across the country. The number of companies producing substandard products has decreased in this ongoing campaign. Government revenue has increased. This progress of BSTI under the able leadership of Director General Mr. SM Ferdous Alam has made the industrial sector of the country commendable. Earlier, the products under the purview of BSTI were less. As a result, some companies used to produce and market products in this way.

As a result, on the one hand, the common people were exposed to health risks by buying substandard products and cheated; On the other hand, the government would lose revenue. At that time people of the country raised various questions about the efficiency of BSTI. But the day has changed. Sudin has come to BSTI activities. There has also been a qualitative change in product exports. Now foreign buyers also fully depend on the role of BSTI in purchasing products from Bangladesh.
BSTI, the only quality control organization in Bangladesh, is fully of international standards. Apart from food items, BSTI also has strict vigilance on essential consumer goods or consumables of public importance. And all this is possible due to the efficient leadership of Director General Mr. SM Ferdous Alam. Recently, the activities of Bogra office of Rajshahi BSTI are worth seeing. Due to the continuous campaign, the map of the product producing companies of the district has decreased. Brick kilns, oil pumps, hotels or food factories or any factories under the purview of BSTI are constantly being raided.
Engineer Junaid Ahmed Bogra, a former officer of Bogra office, organized Bogra in such a way that Bogra BSTI became a model. This was completed by Officer Md. Mejbaul Hasan, Assistant Director (CM) and Md. Shah Alam Palash Khan, Inspector (MET). A mobile court was recently organized in Kamarkhand upazila of Sirajganj district under the initiative of Rajshahi BSTI. Mr. Abu Bakar, Inspector (Metrology) of Rajshahi BSTI acted as prosecutor.
BSTI Divisional Office Rajshahi Officer Mr. Debbrat Biswas, Assistant Director (CM) and Mr. A. FM Hasibul Hasan, Field Officer (CM).
A surveillance operation was conducted in different areas of Habiganj district. In it, reputed companies like Specta Engineering Ltd., Akiz Health Care and Hygiene Ltd., Star Ceramics Ltd., Habiganj Agro Ltd. are advised to rectify various defects. Mr. Md Masud Rana, Assistant Director (Metrology) and Mr. Suman Saha, Assistant Director (Metrology) of BSTI Sylhet participated in the expedition.
On the initiative of Mymensingh divisional office of BSTI, a mobile court operation was conducted in Dewanganj upazila of Jamalpur district in coordination with upazila administration, BSTI and police administration. In the raid, Yamuna Bakery, M/s Shahjahan Enterprises were raided and advice was given to collect fines and correct the fines. Acting as the prosecution officer of Atrafis. Arnav Chakraborty, Field Officer (CM) and Mr. Amir Hamza, Inspector (Met).
Rajshahi BSTI has advised the organizations to keep the quality of the products always at par with the respective Bangladesh standards for production, sale and distribution. BSTI Divisional Office Rajshahi Mr. AFM Hasibul Hasan, Field Officer (CM) participated and raided various food producing establishments including brick kilns and oil pumps.
On the other hand, a mobile court is operated in different areas of Barisal metropolis. In Mobile Court, M/s Veenapani Trades, Monowara Agro Food & Chemical were fined for not having license and were advised to obtain license. BSTI Divisional Office, Barisal Officer Md. Yashir Arafat, Field Officer (CM) and Mr. Md. Mohsin Rabbani, Senior Examiner (MET) acted as prosecutors.
Mr. Md. Khairul Islam, Field Officer (CM) and Mr. Raihan Haider Samrat, Inspector (Metrology) conducted the mobile court in Rampura area of the metropolis as the prosecutor of Dhaka BSTI. During the operation of the mobile court, several establishments including the outlets of R Rahman Live Bakery, Rajbhog Sweets were cautioned for not preserving the CM license and were directed to preserve all the necessary documents later. The Mobile Court is headed by the learned Executive Magistrate of BSTI, Mr. Sabrina Afrin Mustafa. Mr. Md. Khairul Islam, Field Officer (CM), BSTI, Dhaka and Mr. Raihan Haider Samrat, Inspector (Metrology), BSTI, Dhaka served as prosecutors.
On the other hand, mobile court is operated in Demra area of Dhaka city. Under the BSTI Act, 2018, raids were conducted at 2 filling stations located in the area including TK Milan (Bakery, Hot Bread Live Bakery) for providing false information regarding obtaining BSTI CM License in favor of BSTI's mandatory product “Decorate Cake”. Learned Executive of BSTI Mr. Maqsuda Runa, Field Officer (CM), BSTI, Dhaka and Mr. Sirajum Munira, Inspector, (Metrology), DMI, BSTI, Dhaka acted as prosecutors headed by Magistrate Mr. Kaniz Fatema Liza.
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