BSTI Rangpur raid on illegal brick kilns

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BSTI Rangpur raid on illegal brick kilns

Crime Diary Desk:

As part of continuous raids across the country, 33 illegal brick kilns in Khansama, Birganj, Pirganj, Ranishankail, Haripur and Baliadangi upazilas of Rangpur division have been seized for raids by BSTI, Rangpur and regular cases.

According to the raiding team, M/s RAT Bricks (RAT), M/s RAT Bricks-2 (RAT), Hall M/s SHB Bricks-1 (SHB), SHB Bricks- of Dinajpur to get the CM license. 2(SHB), Ma Bricks (MBM), and Thakurgaon District L Bricks (MLB), B Bricks (RBB), AB Bricks (MAB), Brick Kiln (NEB), M/s SSE Bricks (SSE), Sonali Bricks (SSE), MN BRICS (MNB), BM BRICS (BMB), BR BRICS (BRB), NBB BRICS (NBB), MNB BRICS (MNB), STAR BRICS (FOR), RMS Bricks, GH Bricks (GHB), Mahi Bricks (MMB), Ayman Bricks (MMA), M/s Johanna Bricks (Johanna), Janata Bricks Field (JHB) for carrying on business without CM license and advised to obtain CM license has been

Besides, M/s Ujjwal Bricks (UAB) of Dinajpur and LIPA Bricks-1 (LIPA) of Thakurgaon, M/s Nahar Bricks (MNB), SA Bricks Field (SAB), Padma Bricks (Padma), M/s MH Bricks (MHB), R Bricks Field (MRB), M/s HR Bricks (HRB, M/s BB Bricks (MBB), M/s Shubo Bricks Field (S*B) have been advised for CM license renewal.

According to BSTI Rangpur sources, the operation of BSTI will continue in public interest.

Crime Diary // Abhiyan-District

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