Locals want Mubarak Hossain Khan as upazila chairman in Shivalay

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Locals want Mubarak Hossain Khan as upazila chairman in Shivalay

Aminuzzaman,Shivaloy, Representative:
Mubarak Hossain Khan is a well-known man of Shivaloy Upazila. Few people do not know him. But what and how to know him is the issue. Our representative reached Shivaloy upazila from Dhaka and tried to know about Mubarak Hossain with several people. One of them is Azman Mia, a rickshaw puller. He says Pannu Khan (the nickname of Mubarak Hossain Khan) is not a proper person; He is a man like an angel. He values poor people like us; Hand over body; Speaks lovingly. He is the friend as well as the guardian of the poor. What a wedding; Everyone knows that he will extend the help if the treatment is in his ears.
Bablu, the canal farmer like the rickshaw puller Ajman; As soon as the name Mubarak Hossain Khan was uttered, he said, "Brother, I don't know who you are, but I can say that Pannu Khan is a true human being." We common people want to see him as upazila chairman.
It is known that Mubarak Hossain Khan is a prominent social worker and businessman of the upazila. In Paturiaghat area there are several other companies and factories including his business named Link International.
In personal life his wife is a gem. One of his sons is a renowned specialist doctor in the country and another is a prominent businessman.
Regarding the election, Mr. Mubarak Hossain Khan told the media that he has prepared to be elected as the upazila chairman to fulfill the demands of the common people of the area and at the request of the local dignitaries. He said that he will work with ordinary people and prominent people of the area in the development of the people of Shivaloy Upazila and building an ideal upazila.

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