The new strategy of the Savar terrorist: Retraction and admission of wrongdoing by alleging theft against the police

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The new strategy of the Savar terrorist: Retraction and admission of wrongdoing by alleging theft against the police

Ariful Islam Qayyum:
Billal is a notorious terrorist and drug syndicate member of Savar's Aminbazar Baradeshi area. He was once arrested by the police because of allegations against this terrorist who created a reign of terror by identifying himself as a police source. Then the police came to the house to find him again in a separate case. But this time he went back without finding Billal. The next day, Bilal's associate and drug syndicate member wife Zarina Begum filed a complaint against those policemen at the police headquarters accusing them of stealing a gold chain weighing 1 bar.
After finally finding that chain, Zarina Begum withdrew the complaint. Zarina raised such slander to harass and defame the police. Zarina Begum confirmed the withdrawal of the complaint on Monday, March 13, 2023. Earlier on March 9, Zarina Begum filed a written complaint against them at the police headquarters with the IGP, that complaint was withdrawn yesterday on Sunday.
According to Zarina Begum's written complaint, on the night of March 8, the police searched Zarina's rented house in the basement of the house owned by Zahid in Diptirtek area of Aminbazar. SI Farooq and ASI Mahtab along with some others forcefully entered the house of Zarina Begum. After pushing Zarina Begum out, they searched the house for half an hour and found something unknown. Since then, after not finding a heavy weight gold chain in his cupboard, he has accused the policemen of theft.
Several media workers including representatives of Detective Diary and Crime Diary investigated the allegations. In the investigation, a lot of complaints from local people came up against the terrorist Billal and his accomplice wife. These terrorists, who have established a reign of terror in the area, are accused of being involved in nefarious activities including drug, harassment, extortion, extortion and intimidation.
ASI Mahtab said, I went in front of the accused's house along with some members. I didn't even enter the house, just peeked. We went to arrest him. Zarina Begum may have made such a complaint to harass us because of this anger.
SI Farooq said, we entered his house but we did not touch anything. Didn't even say anything. Zarina Begum made such complaint only to harass us.
In this regard, Zarina Begum said, I have no more complaints. I have withdrawn the complaint. Because I found my chain. Whether there was no pressure from the police? In response, he also said, no, there was no such pressure. I was wrong.
Moreover, it is clear that Jarina Begum's complaint is not correct. According to the complainant, her cupboard was opened and searched. So he gave the key to open the cupboard. Otherwise he would have mentioned breaking the cupboard. So he gave the opportunity to open voluntarily. Although locals said on condition of anonymity that no such incident happened. Did the police come for a few minutes just to see if the defendant was there? And the police also said that no such incident happened there but the terrorist Bilal's wife did this on the advice of some informers. Even though he said that he opened the cupboard and searched it, the police is not supposed to know where the cupboard is. Therefore, even after searching, he did not say that everything was scattered or clothes were messed up because no such incident happened there. Moreover, he did not say anything about removing jewelery from any drawer. Later he retracted the complaint as he found it inside the clothes. This shows that his complaint is motivated and learned.

Local people told mediapersons that this false allegation and subsequent withdrawal will break the morale of the police. As a result, the policemen will lose morale in any subsequent operation. Therefore, without investigating why he tarnished the reputation of a large force like the police by making false allegations and defamed the policeman by making false allegations, these criminals should be investigated and punished. Otherwise other terrorists may use similar tactics later on.
The representatives of Detective Diary and Crime Diary informed that the members of the expedition team including SI Farooq are known as responsible and honest officers in the police force. The good people of the area in charge do not harbor any ill will towards them and no complaint has been found against them after searching the various bits of the area.
In this regard, Deepak Chandra Saha, officer in charge of Savar Model Police Station, said, I heard that the accused woman found her jewelery at home. It is not desirable for anyone to harass or abuse the police without understanding this. It is very sad to raise false rumors like this.
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