A new surprise of development is coming: After the flying metrorail, now the underground metrorail

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A new surprise of development is coming: After the flying metrorail, now the underground metrorail

Sharifa Akhter Shorna:

For the first time, the government will construct the 31.241 km underground and aerial MRT Line-1 between Airport-Kamalapur and Purbachal-Natun Bazar-Rupganj Pitalganj route. DMTCL will implement this mega project.

According to the project details, the first railway depot will be constructed in Pitalganj area of Narayanganj as part of the MRT Line-1 plan and all preparations for the inauguration of the construction work have been completed.

It said, the first part of MRT Line 1 is: Airport Route (Airport-Kamalapur), which will have 19.872 km subway with 12 stations. And the second part is the Purbachal route (New Bazar to Pitalganj depot in Rupganj), which will cover 11.369 kilometers with 9 stations. Seven of these stations will be on the fly and the new Bazar and Nardda stations will be on the underground as part of the airport route.

The Project Managing Director said that the new Bazar station will have the facility to interchange with MRT Line-5 (Northern Route). From where the passengers will have the opportunity to get down from Purbachal or Purbachal route to the airport route.

According to the details of the project, MRT Line-1 will take 24 minutes to reach Kamalapur from Dhaka Airport. It will take 20 minutes to reach Purbachal from New Bazaar with a stopover at 12 underground stations and seven flyover stations.

It is also said that after the launch of MRT Line-1, 8 lakh passengers will be able to travel on this route. The MRT Line-1 underground station will have four floors. The ticket counter and other facilities will be on the first basement level. The platform will be in the second lock. Udal station ticket counter and platform will be on the fourth floor. There will be lifts, stairs and escalators at both the surface and underground stations.

DMTCL has signed agreements with Tokyo Construction Company Limited of Japan and Max Infrastructure Limited of Bangladesh for the project. The project will be implemented under 12 packages.

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