In Narayanganj anti-narcotics operation, drug dealers attacked, police shot

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In Narayanganj anti-narcotics operation, drug dealers attacked, police shot

Narayanganj Correspondent:

The drug dealers attacked the police during an operation to arrest drug dealers and drug-related accused in Siddhirganj of Narayanganj. At that time, the police fired 18 rounds of short guns in self-defense. However, no one was injured in the incident.

At this time, the police recovered two ramadas. The incident took place in the DND Khalpar area of ​​East Enayatnagar of Godnail around 7:30 pm on Wednesday. Siddhirganj Police Station OC confirmed the matter. Mashiur Rahman.

According to the police, a group of police under the leadership of the OC of Siddhirganj police station went on an operation to arrest the accused of anti-narcotics and warrant in East Enayetnagar area of ​​Godnail.

At that time, seeing some people in the darkness of the field, when they approached them, they started throwing bricks and stones at the police. Later, the police fired back and brought the situation under control. At this time panic spread throughout the area. All the shops in the area were closed.

OC of Siddhirganj Police Station. Moshiur Rahman said, when we went on raids in the evening, the drug dealers started throwing bricks at us. Later, the police managed to bring the situation under control by firing 18 rounds of short guns. No one was injured in the incident. The police is conducting a joint operation to arrest the drug dealers who attacked.

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