There is no option to change power without elections - Obaidul Quader

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There is no option to change power without elections - Obaidul Quader

There is no alternative to change power without elections. They (BNP) are now dreaming of power. Dream as much as you can. How many people daydream. You see, it doesn't matter.
Gazipur Correspondent:
The general secretary of Awami League, the country's traditional party, and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges, Obaidul Quader, said that if there is a change in power, it has to be in an election. There is no alternative to change power without elections. They (BNP) are now dreaming of power. Dream as much as you can. How many people daydream. You see, it doesn't matter. Speaking as the chief guest at the Triennial Conference of Gazipur Metropolitan Awami League at the historic Bhawal Rajbari ground of Gazipur city on Saturday afternoon, he said that Begum Khaleda Zia had said about the caretaker - whether the caretaker is crazy or not, no one understands except children. Then Fakhrul Sahib, how did it enter your mind?

Obaidul Quader said that Indonesian President Swatt was overthrown by his own people, but they could not stay in power even for three months. The murderer in Bangladesh could not stay in power for three months after killing Moshtak Bangabandhu. This is history. The murderers killed innocent women and children, and Ziaur Rahman rewarded those murderers and gave them jobs in embassies abroad. This Ziaur Rahman included Khandaker Moshtaq's Indemnity Ordinance in the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. Who kills, and who supports murder is not guilty of the same crime?

He said that the mastermind of the August 15 killings is Commander Ziaur Rahman. This fact of history cannot be denied. Sheikh Hasina is the address of our dreams, the sun of our past, the colorful address of our courage, the shaper of the transformation of Bangladesh, have you forgotten the support of mastermind Tarek Rahman from Hawa Bhawan to kill Sheikh Hasina?

Awami League general secretary said that they plotted to wipe out Bangabandhu's family on August 15 and August 21. Whom Allah saves, can it be done in the servant? can not kill Sheikh Hasina faced death 20 times and attempted murder 14 years in power today. What magic? Magical leadership, Sheikh Hasina has shown the whole world what development is. Recently, the vice president of South Asia of the World Bank said that the extraordinary development of Bangladesh has surprised the whole world.

He said, BNP's heart is burning, Mirza Fakhrul's chest pain, he can't see anything in black glasses. Alas, the Padma bridge was built with its own money. Sheikh Hasina built the Padma Bridge with her own money. South Asia's only tunnel in Chittagong, Bangabandhu Tunnel is ready for inauguration, Dhaka's young generation's dream project Metrorail, Ki Jala, Kata Four Lane, Elenga Four Lane is ready for inauguration from here. Sheikh Hasina inaugurated 100 bridges in one day. The whole world was surprised. The whole country was surprised. Have not seen a hundred bridges in one day? But Fakhrul does not see the development of Sheikh Hasina in one day. He sees the darkness of the new moon in the light of day. You can't see the light that shines on full moon night in daylight. Their eyes are also bad.

Obaidul Quader also said that the crowd is empty. Hey, what are you looking at? I will show Fakhrul Bhai Janata Dhal in Gazipur. What is called dhal? Coming to this headquarters in Gazipur, you can't go anywhere. Can't enter by car. There are 4 times as many people outside as here. There is no dhal in Sylhet. There is the surma river, and here are the turbulent waves of the Bay of Bengal.

He said, they (BNP) say to give up power and leave soon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has done so much, she has floated the whole country in the tide of development. Tell him to resign today. Fakhrul Saheb, Sheikh Hasina has kindly allowed your leader to stay at home. Convicted accused, do not shame?

Awami League general secretary said, will the coup? He could not even organize a procession for this leader. You foam at the mouth when you say national leader. He could not even organize a procession for that country leader. Looks like 13 years. We said, what year will the movement be? Look at 13 years! How many years do people live! What is not right? The game will be played, the people of Gazipur get ready. Against stealing votes, against corruption, against looting, against Hawa Bhaban. The game will be played, get ready Gazipur.

He said, the activists of Gazipur brought down the banner festoon, later the journalists will say that they are not getting pictures. Let everyone see the picture. I am telling Fakhrul to watch a little, watch it on the television screen. Compare Gazipur with Sylhet. Here is the metropolitan Awami League, right? The district is not here. And there (in Sylhet) 5 districts. Some have dropped the dhal since 3 days ago. The leaders and activists went to Sylhet from all over the country, taking blankets, pillows, bed sheets, handi-patils. 7 days before departure from where the rally is. What do you not understand? Eating and drinking is going well. Patile Patile food, beef, beef, chicken, fish pieces and how much to say! Next is Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola. This is the food menu. BNP is good, what will happen if there is no power? They are still dreaming of power. I would like to remind them that if there is a change in power, it must be in the election.

Awami League presidium member and Minister of Agriculture attended the conference as a special guest. Md. Abdur Razzak and Advocate Kamrul Islam. Awami League organizing secretary Mirza Azam was the main speaker. Gazipur Metropolitan Awami League President Advocate Azmat Ulla Khan spoke at the conference - Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque, Youth and Sports State Minister Md. Zahid Ahsa Russell, Awami League publicity and publication secretary. Abdus Sobhan Golap MP and other central leaders. In the rally, Obaidul Quader also said that he complained to foreigners. BNP is Bangladesh Nalish Party. Ask foreigners which countries have supervisors. Elections will be held in Bangladesh in the same way as in other countries of the world. Sheikh Hasina will not interfere. I went with the announcement on behalf of the leader.

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