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Look out for the child: Homeless youth in Bandarban due to migration

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Look out for the child: Homeless youth in Bandarban due to migration

Young people who migrated on the call of the militant organization are being sent to Bandarban in the guise of tourists. In the last two phases, about 29 people have been sent to the tourist camp through the coordinator of the organization's expatriate members.
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Watch now where your child goes, with whom. The target of the militant organization is the innocent religious-fearing youth. Once they get involved in militancy it will be enough to destroy your entire family. These recently lost youths were found at the militant training center in the deep forests of Bandarban. From where they were destined to live in prison.
Bandarban is one of the districts for tourism in the country. Where there is almost always a crowd of adventure lovers and mountain lovers. Recently, the issue of separatist and militant organizations targeting this important tourist area is now being discussed. It is said that more than half a hundred young people are staying without homes in the name of alleged migration. The formation of the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) and their new militant organization Jamaatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya is now a matter of concern.
Those concerned say that the young people who migrated on the call of the militant organization are being sent to Bandarban in the guise of tourists. In the last two phases, about 29 people have been sent to the tourist camp through the coordinator of the organization's expatriate members. In this situation, the operation of the joint forces in the remote mountainous area has been continuing for about a month. RAB arrested 22 members of Jamaatul Ansar Phil Hindal Sharqiya in raids in Munshiganj, Narayanganj, Mymensingh, Jatrabari, Keraniganj, Rangamati and Bandarban areas since October 6. Last Thursday (November 3), RAB arrested four more people from Laksam in Comilla.
Among them, Muntashir Ahmed alias Bachchu, chief financial coordinator of the organization, Abdul Quader alias Sujan alias Faiz alias Sohail and Ismail Hossain alias Hanjala alias Mansoor, overall coordinator of hijra members across the country. And the third highest person in the military branch is Helal Ahmed Zakaria.
On the basis of initial interrogation of the arrested Sohail and Hanzala, RAB said that they were the personal associates of Amir Mahmud of the organization and the overall coordinator of the members who had migrated across the country. They used to make people interested in preparing for armed struggle by misrepresenting various religious issues including torturing Muslims in different countries. Desperate youths from Comilla are keen to leave home through them after being inspired by extremism. They coordinated the sending of members who had left home across the country to different parts of the country for theoretical and armed training. After training in various areas of the plains including Patuakhali, Bhola, the members stayed in their safe house in Comilla under their cooperation and supervision.
Later, at convenient times, they would send the emigrant members under their own management to training camps in the hilly areas under the guise of tourists or others. They are said to have sent 17 youths in the guise of tourists to Bandarban in March-April last and 12 in mid-September.
In response to a question about the need for NID to go inside Bandarban, RAB Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moeen said that as per the instructions of the militant organization, the members have been asked to carry the original National Identity Card (NID) before leaving the house. Besides, all copies of NID have been asked to be destroyed. In that case, if they are asked to see the NID when they go there, maybe they can show it as a tourist. 6 steps from target setting to organization members
RAB recovered documents and books containing various instructions of the organization from the last arrested. A training syllabus is found in it, which outlines the organization's training steps or Marhala.
According to RAB, 6 Marhalas have been specifically mentioned there. First select the target. In this case, these five classes of people who are timid, miserly, poor, gharkono or involved in any political organization have been declared ineligible.
Then relationship verification is mentioned. When the members are collected, the target person should be greeted with greetings, talking with a smile, praising and saying various words of hadith.
After that, it has been said about determining Iman, sowing the seeds of thought in various ways. After the above four steps, the 5th step informs about the structure and activities of the organization and the last step mentions the issue of Jihad. In which the process of making a sector qualified in eight sectors of the organization with theoretical and physical training as a strategy of war is mentioned.
According to the guidelines, this new militant organization has the outlines of a soldier wing, Hijrat wing, Ansar wing, Donor wing, Ulama wing and even a media wing. As in the so-called hijra
In reference to another book about the situation and preparation of Hijrat, RAB said that contact with relatives has been cut off since 1 month before Hijrat and when leaving the house, it is as if they are asked to leave by showing some logical reason. In addition to making sure that there is no video-audio footage or any footprint during Hijrat, even if there is no ID through Facebook or social media, the ID has been asked to be deleted.
It has been asked to keep experienced people with them during migration, to take various technical training including agriculture work, electrical work, masonry to survive during migration. There is also the matter of communicating with the leadership level members of the organization in the hill areas after the last migration and training them on where to go and 'cut up' the link.

Preparations for war in all four lands

In another instructional book of the organization, it is supposed to prepare for war in four types of places: forest land, hill land, desert and people's land. Among these, the most priority has been given to the preparation of guerrilla warfare by staying in the forest.

Because according to them, it is difficult to reach the law and order forces if it is located in the forest, it is difficult to get pictures even through satellite or drone. Apart from this, it is not easy for the law enforcement forces to carry out operations in the forest for a long time due to logistics, which is why it is said to be the most suitable for them.

The hill country is told to prepare for war there considering their next suitable location. Because, in their opinion, when they are positioned on top of the hill, it will be easier to attack them when the enemy or the law enforcement forces come up from below. Even a law enforcement helicopter can shoot it down. Although it is difficult to fight in the desert, it has been asked to train in the desert as well, inspired by the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

According to the instructions, preparations should be made to fight guerilla warfare or various forms of warfare even in the last populated areas or where there are mass gatherings. There is talk of training to prepare for guerilla warfare or organizational activities or sabotage by mixing with people in disguise or using various techniques.

When asked about the whereabouts of the emigrants, Khandaker Al Moeen said that we have not been able to arrest even one of the 55 people who have left their homes so far. It is not certain whether they are still inside the Chittagong Hill Tracts, or have come out in different ways.

There are also many unprotected borders in the montane forests. Alternatively they may stay there, they may move elsewhere. They can also disguise themselves or resurface in some way. The four people who were arrested last time have gone to the uninhabited areas of Chittagong Hill Tracts and are coming back after training. Sohail and Hanzala have taken militants there, delivered them and come back.

Crime Diary// Source: Morning Times// Published in the public interest

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